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There's something quite special I want to speak about; I want to focus your attention on you. But to do this, I must be honest; I cannot give way to flowery language or conventional spiritual ideology if we are sincere about acknowledging the totality of what you are. There is no pretence here, only rawness sourcing from my intellect and perhaps my soul. So follow these words at your discretion.

You exist in a realm that is neither here nor there. It is abstract and exhilarating, yet palpable and very dark. It will pull you across worlds of emotions, provide you with euphoria at times but strip you naked suddenly, exposing your weakness as it drags your broken body across the ocean floor. Elation is probable, suffering inevitable.

You will die too, very soon. No one fundamentally knows why we do, not truly anyways. Nor do we comprehend what became of the billions of humans who have already passed. Standing behind every human are the numerous ghosts of our ancestors. That will be you, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Time is a funny concept. Here you are, but in actuality, you're not. For as soon as you read "here you are," you were already elsewhere. There is growth at play, a continuation to what seems to be forward, yet I know it leads to nowhere but death. I'm sure that's a misunderstanding, just as most of our truths probably are.

You are indefinable. All the words bouncing around in your mind or when you extract them through your vocal cords are 'empty' as the wind. We've given them meaning, which in return has provided you with meaning. That is not to say they are powerless; language is the foundation of our reality. However, they are like code to a computer, displaying a picture for the observer to experience. I ask you though, what endures outside of that screen? Where does the observer sit? And is there a way to get there? That is the purpose of meditation. There is a real sense of self when in tune with everything as we unplug ourselves from the matrix. You can experience this - you just won't be you - you'll cease and take form as silence.

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