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After some time, you somewhat forget your previous partner

After some time, you somewhat forget your previous partner; or better yet, place them somewhere within the depths of your mind. Even though what you both shared was once real, was so alive with passion - it now lies dead like a stillborn universe. Your lover becomes nothing but a memory, what a joke. ⁣ ⁣

I still see her, as beautiful as I can remember her complexion. And oddly enough, her laugh haunts me; it was my favourite part about our coming together - the humour. I don't believe a day went by where we didn't lose ourselves in a fit of laughter. But whatever, I know she's happy, and that's enough for me to progress forward. I'm also well aware there's another galaxy I'm bound to collide with anytime soon, possibly multiple. For this is the thing, the chaos about love; it's unpredictable, and surrendering to its force is the only sane response.

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