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Cancel Culture

Could you imagine if cancel culture succeeded as the primary approach for rationalising the external? That collectively we shut down all outer activity that conflicted with our emotions, choosing to eradicate our opposition, which would simultaneously eliminate our identity. Because your opposition defines your position. It’s because of the people you disagree with that you can have an opinion, a stance, a viewpoint, a shadow in which you say; this is what I think, this is who I am. And for a society obsessed with playing the ego game, if cancel culture dominated, we'd be left with no one, and that'd be catastrophic to people addicted to identity. Therefore, those encouraging cancel culture are inadvertently supporting what they’re trying to avoid - the acceptance of being nobody.

The primary intent behind cancel culture is not a matter of cancelling but of momentarily fulfilling oneself with a sense of power to alleviate the underlying pain of feeling worthless, of struggling to accept oneself as a nobody.

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