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Existential crisis

We're facing an existential crisis and have been for a very long time. Every generation collectively manifests this anxiety; it's the unknowing root of many decisions. Today, we find ourselves predominantly sourcing a means of self-comfort through identity recognition. We want to exert or imprint ourselves linguistically everywhere, along with our image, to be recognised, which is evident through the popularity and use of social media. Another method is war. We do not wage war for land, power, control or conflict of ideology - that's a surface-level interpretation as we know there's nothing to attain here and no one here to possess anything. We fight because we're unsure of ourselves - we kill because we're uncomfortable with being. It's this anxiety of who we are which promotes unhealthy mentalities, and we can observe this throughout all human interaction and interests. Consider diet, intimacy, relationships - what they detail is where we're consciously at with the comfort of our impermanence and ultimately who we are. See, a person who is at odds with themselves is at odds with others. I see this with acts of racism, for racism is a weak, senseless and immature approach to self-validation. "I am *insert race* and from there, I can certify my existence through observation of physical difference. I will base my whole reality around this to feel real." We need to end the existential crisis by ending unchecked ego before it ends us. For it will, as I mentioned, this is the root of it all. We're allowing the mental stress of establishing ourselves to deliver a sense of relief which is the cause of the mental stress. It's a vicious cycle.

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