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From the tomb of one world, she walks anew in another

From the tomb of one world, she walks anew in another. Her feet grace the meadows of self-love by a river of liberation, no longer chained to mountains of dogma that weighed her soul. Possessing clarity, she explores the land of self-inquiry, accompanied by the sight of our morning star sourcing restorative light. I love her, but I am not beside her.

She wanders through forests of seclusion, befriending the wildlife and communicating with the plants. She belongs to no one; no culture, no society, no nation, no laws or governments. Her heart is set in the stars, so her love is as vast as space. ⁣⁣ ⁣

Where she is as of now, I do not know, but if her ocean-like eyes wave by these words somewhere in this world - I would remind her to trust the inner voice that most ignore. It is there you will find the guidance to traverse the regions of thought you're attracted to explore, and you will seize the wisdom delivered by your higher self.

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