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Have you ever considered what you are?

Have you ever considered what you are, exactly? Seriously, what are you?

Seemingly, you've come up from nothing, out of nowhere, with such a troublesome nature to understand in an environment that is equally mysterious. What is this place? Where are we? It's land for dreams - space for the unreal to materialise. However, this doesn't answer the question; it only inspires the need to ask more for what is matter? Well, it's vibrational energy. But what the hell is that? We can ask more and more until we discover a contradiction as we realise that at the basis of everything isn't anything, and that's quite the laugh.

I was listening to Watts, and you know, he mentions it's more reasonable to consider yourself a verb rather than a noun. Of course, that's a bit of a rebellious act in modern culture, knowing that everyone is trying ever so hard to term themselves nowadays. But he suggests nouns are illusory, and maybe this gives us more clarity to what we are as perhaps our language isn't capable of accurately representing truth.

When you're thinking, you are thoughts. The 'I' itself is a thought. You don't do this; you are the doing. Interestingly, if this be true, then when you consider fundamental philosophical inquiries, such as what we're attempting here, and you question our relation to the universe, you no longer separate yourself from the cosmos with this perspective. You don't consider yourself an independent creation needing explanation; you see your existence as the cosmic doing. You're flowing, happening, moving, changing, along with everything, and in this understanding, we attain some sense towards our existence even though it's entirely against all common sense.

I urge you to reflect on this, especially if we wish to confront philosophical concerns such as your existence. Because what we've collectively done is actualise an illusion by defining what something is by creating something it's not, and then we trace all information of what it is to this mistaken identity. Understandably so, we feel perplexed, for we're forgetfully trying to understand something by regarding it as something it's not. Therefore, perhaps the question concerning what you are isn't plausible, for what we're questioning doesn't exist, so the question is nonsensical, hence the confusion.

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