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Know you're capable

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

No one truly knows what's happening here..

If you pay close attention, you realise nobody has a firm grip on what's happening. Therefore, don't believe you cannot contribute because somebody else already has the answers, that everything is known or already created. Study not hard but passionately. Apply yourself to whatever fascinates you - art, philosophy, psychology, biology, astronomy, law, politics, engineering, mathematics, music, coding or what have you; and dare to step outside of the educational system that lays the platform for you. Venture where no one has travelled before. Turn to your imagination, intellect, dreams, thoughts, feelings, and perhaps bring us back a new idea, image, or perspective that may reduce the ignorance and alleviate suffering.

We need thinkers. We need people striving for new ideas that oppose common thought because the current dominant perception is hardly doing us any good. But this takes vulnerability, courage, a willingness to potentially embarrass yourself by abandoning your comfort and security as you attempt to pull novelty from the unknown to provide yourself or even humanity with beneficial knowledge. You may have to walk alone while everyone else submits to an ideology, an already established path, but if we no longer explore, create, reach for the yet to be known - are we still human?

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