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Masculinity and heterosexual men

I want to talk about masculinity and heterosexual men and how important it is to understand this force because not many do, including those who embody it. I know myself to be comprised of such energy, the penetrative nature surging throughout my body which greatly gravitates towards the feminine. However, I often feel misrepresented and misunderstood, especially in this era. I don't share the same social interests. I don't gather anything from crudely referencing the female body during a conversation for a sense of bonding. It feels awkward; there's no reasonable meaning or comedic value there to bond over. Neither do I appreciate the negativity surrounding heterosexual men in modern culture because the individuals referenced are not men - they're uneducated boys disconnected from themselves.

Underdeveloped masculinity desires dominance, and it's underdeveloped from the rejection of one's femininity. It doesn't seek to benefit the external, but only to control. On the contrary, matured masculinity seeks to cultivate growth. It's a strong feeling to invest oneself within something with every ounce of strength if welcomed. When heterosexuality is involved with predominantly masculine men, it's a sensitive situation as feminine women are desired. What tends to occur if one's masculinity remains underdeveloped is that women appear enigmatic, for the feminine source within is neglected, so those who embody it externally are foreign. Consequently, the male responds fearfully, immaturely, like a threatened animal dominating to regain control, to ease the anxiety of coming into contact with a power they unconsciously know to be within themselves but refuse to acknowledge.

As men, we need to travel within ourselves first with our strength to understand our femininity. Exploring our emotions and our nurturing ability will significantly benefit our relationship with the opposite sex. As a society, we must encourage masculine men to do this by holding space to understand their energy, emotions, and feelings. As I mentioned, I don't believe most people understand masculinity and what it's like to embody the force while sexually gravitating towards the opposite. It's a delicate situation that lacks the educational support, social environment and resources to help males understand themselves thoroughly.

On that note, speaking to my fellow men, particularly heterosexuals, I appreciate this experience we share. I want you to know that I acknowledge you by understanding this energy we embody; that my masculinity is not opposed to yours - I do not think any less of you or desire competition. Instead, like brothers, I have a deep sense of care for you, which means I intend to love and understand you. In my presence, all of you is welcome, including your femininity - there's no need to feel embarrassed and conceal her. I'm open to talking about her and your relationship with women, how you sexually and emotionally feel because I doubt there's honestly much of a difference between us when we unravel the truth.

I also know that we're somewhat on the outer at the moment in modern society. You rarely read a positive post regarding what it means to be a heterosexual man. We're slightly obscure now, and this realisation is magnified when you try to socialise for all you find are boys. Consequently, I'm suspicious about the dominant culture influencing division, psychologically manipulating competitive perspectives through superficial ego's to prevent unification. I think there's an intention to disempower men by those who seek power because they realise when men unite, we're unstoppable.

I say we consciously, collectively transcend that and revitalise masculinity. Let us men be men, which implies raw, open, communication and acceptance to utilise the true power of the strength flowing throughout our bodies.

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