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Method of assesing information

I'd like to suggest a method of assessing information. Some of you may already do this, some of you may not; it doesn't matter - I'm simply putting this forth to contemplate. To begin, we must consider what is meant by information. From a basic, straightforward definition, everything is information. All that's before you and everything you are is there to be received, understood, and changed.

Change is definite. Once you engage with anything external, you integrate yourself with the information, consciously and unconsciously altering the original data. That is unavoidable. You will always transform whatever and whoever you're experiencing as you apprehend knowledge, implying nothing or no one outside of yourself can entirely be understood. Your syntax, lexicon, attitude, emotions, culture and memory will warp what you receive. Hence, the method I want to recommend is to utilise your empathy and intelligence to shift perspectives to refine what you assimilate. In doing so, by chance, you may remove enough of yourself from the information to grasp a less contaminated view which may clarify 'truth.' Though, if you ever believe you've attained truth, persevere further as truth is a wall to understanding.

So, when you become aware of something externally, allow the initial interpretation to surface. Don't verbalise or express it; just let your thoughts and feelings arise. Then, examine your response as if you were outside looking in; that's the first shift of perspective that'll allow for a better understanding of yourself. Of course, in some scenarios, you may have to act impulsively. However, when this is not the case, practice this reflection.

Next, as the response settles, readjust your attention towards the source of information. Although, rather than intellectually making sense, refer to empathy. Emotionally travel to what you're assimilating and situate yourself there to feel everything. This approach of perceiving is the most efficient as you bypass your cognitive programming and utilise a universal medium of understanding. Emotionally, we're all connected, bar the rare few neurologically impacted individuals.

Afterwards, once you've felt it, intellectually rationalise the matter. If the situation involves another human, this is when you communicate. You will entertain many perceptions, though ultimately, by this method, you should at least be able to come to a mature understanding for you applied a sense of sincerity towards learning.

Lastly, repeat all steps until necessary. That is the method of continuously changing perspective through intellect and empathy to expand awareness by purifying information for better understanding. Otherwise, the alternative is to just react with an immediate answer and forever live in a stationary state of consciousness. Whatever, it doesn't fundamentally matter though, I will say, the deeper your awareness, the more you perceive, the more profound the human experience. So in regards to love, romance, sex, humour, meaning, joy, fun, it's worth the effort.

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