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Never entirely idolise someone

Never entirely idolise someone; learn from them, but don't seek to adopt everything they are or were. Question what they have to teach, apply yourself as a student and practice this with yourself. Study the nature of what you are and seek to discover information about your psyche buried deep within your unconscious. Knowing this, understand your wisdom too. You may doubt yourself, but you're not as foolish or intellectually incompetent as you may believe. I don't know why people choose to identify as a follower of someone, religiously living by their words rather than acknowledge themselves as an extraordinary being with immense depth and potential. Perhaps it's much easier to feel a sense of liberation by believing we could place our troubles and insecurities within another than to confront the problem within ourselves. Or maybe it's the fear of revealing how much we've relied on cultural programming and an educational system that thinks for us; so when we attempt to word or express our most inner and suppressed feelings, we find we have nothing to say but the words of another. Please, don't run from such a state; sit with yourself, you will eventually learn to translate your depth in such a poetically unique way relative to your soul.

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