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Silencing 'evil'

Evil ensues any society that refuses to acknowledge its involvement in every crime - in every misunderstood, rejected or neglected villain.

Emotionally, I would struggle to confront the violent destruction of another human. I could not bear to see what they've become, what they've left in their wake, the beauty they've affected. But I know when I look into their eyes - I see myself, only they haven't had the opportunity to communicate, express and understand their dreams in which society refuses to acknowledge until it's too late. See, I don't believe in true evil. I think every supposed villain or demon is a human without a voice. They've had no opportunity to find themselves or others, let alone a chance to speak with their soul.

Suppressed feelings eventuate as erratic thoughts, influencing premature actions for they expand and pressure our psyche, debilitating our emotional state. If we do not provide the space for ourselves and others to surface everything we feel through conscious thought, no matter how disgusted, embarrassed or ashamed we may be, then our world will see no change in the destruction caused by the mentality of humans.

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