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Stupid wars

Many people see themselves essential, their life to be the centre stage; their opinions, ideologies and political views to be both universally valid and true. Righteous in their ways, they fight the most senseless battles, inadvertently supporting somewhat of a hypocritical and egocentric nature as they strive to abolish their opposition, only to ask for mercy when faced with a greater challenge. If you dare surrender yourself from this position, to look before you today and see yourself in another, and approach with the awareness that they are just as you are - then perhaps you will remember a message ingrained into the essence of being which promotes growth and knowledge. That we are a part of this together, learning from one another, evolving on this intelligent celestial body flying through endless space. To root yourself stubbornly into a perception where you declare, "this is where I stand, and you are either with me or against me," is suicidal. No evolution could come of that as you have no constructive form of interaction to benefit from; which if anything - is to go against the universe.

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