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Take your time

Take your time; you're not here for long, so don't rush it. Be conscious of your actions and thoughts. Eat well, think positive, enjoy the movement of your body. It's magic after all, mind over matter.

Accept yourself. You are gorgeous; indeed, you are breathtaking. Realise this by taking a step back to appreciate your skin, eyes, hair, voice, everything that makes you, you - because it's miraculous we are as we are.

If you have a dream, don't let it die. And if you don't, perhaps you're already living it, content with what you have and where you are, which is wonderful. We don't have to become something, especially at the expense of being.

If you're afraid, it's okay - I am too. However, ease the fear by knowing whatever happens to you happens to me; we're interconnected, a part of the same source and heading the same way. I'll meet you at the end of wherever it is we're heading.

Aside from this, my god, love yourself. The hate and disgust you feel is so unnecessary. You failed, made mistakes, embarrassed yourself, developed negative habits and faced unfavourable circumstances - but that's life, that's the human experience. It hurts like hell, though at least it's something, right? And look at you, you’re still here, you have this moment - you are this moment - so embrace it. Go forth and go within.

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