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The path of self-awareness

On the path of self-awareness, know it's perfectly fine to feel attached, to feel insecure, jealous, angry - to allow these feelings to come and go. When they surface, recognise them and communicate with yourself as to why they’re felt. That's the primary intent; not to scrutinise your feelings but to acknowledge and understand them. You see, it's injurious for your health to relentlessly criticise yourself by rejecting aspects that come quite natural to the human experience because you believe you ought to uphold some idea or notion of how a self-aware, ‘spiritually evolved’ person should act, look and live.

Consequently, your ego can become such a troublemaker; devilish with thoughts that attack thoughts, leaving you feeling upset for being upset, guilty for feeling guilty, upset that you feel guilty for feeling upset and guilty - all because you're trying to refine yourself by eliminating central parts of what precisely is the self. And that's the irony of this whole new age market and culture. ⁣ ⁣

In my opinion, the 'most spiritual' among us are the most human. An absurd statement, but intuitively it seems true to me. What is learnt in this area of practice and interest is more so remembered, as it's more to do with unlearning than teaching. You already know this.⁣

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