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Theatrical people

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I'm overly sensitive to theatrical people; their self-deception is difficult to watch, let alone believe. Curiously though, I find myself interrogating my emotions as a response, for I'm cautious as to whether my feelings are accurate with how I express myself. I do not wish to be deceived, especially by my own doing, which is probably childhood related.

Relationships can be a struggle; it's sometimes like I'm watching a movie. I see my partners, my lovers, my friends, though occasionally I see something behind them that's not them - like a projector. I see that in myself too, staring into the mirror, listening to my thoughts; something is casting me. I know that sounds invalidating and dismissive, but I find it far worse to validate a fallacy as accurate - particularly if it's cause for emotion. Regardless, I have a lot to learn and work on, which is inevitable on this self-discovery journey.

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