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There's something about you

There's something about you, and although I may not be in the best position to precisely say what that is - I think these words may come close.

You feel displaced, but not like that phase young teenagers go through, I mean you have this heart within you that beats differently. It often has you feeling distant from most, as you spiritually or intuitively sense there's more to life than what is preached by knowers, though you struggle to find people who are unafraid to question what this is all about. ⁣ ⁣

Consequently, where you stand is usually alone, especially with love, because discovering that mysterious force within another seems impossible. After all, love involves realising yourself in someone else, yet you feel unlike anyone else. I bet that influences depressive feelings. I bet you spend most days suppressing this until those certain nights come along where the moonlight extracts it all from the depths of your soul. Or maybe you've found a lover, yet part of you doesn't know them because the relationship you have isn't entirely true. You're kind of just in it, maintaining some societal image and following your cultural norms in the hope to attain happiness. ⁣ ⁣

All I'm writing is that I know there's something about you. And the more you dismiss it, the more I sense it because it's within me too. Though to help manage this unordinary nature, I say embrace it; challenge the world and express yourself because in doing so, you’ll realise there are others who think and feel like you. ⁣

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