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Too many people underestimate themselves.

Too many people underestimate themselves. They misuse their intelligence; they're misinformed. One main difference between where they are and where they wish they'd be is due to not understanding who they are, and what they're capable of.

See, most thoughts generated by the average individual focus on distractions. These diversions influence the being to think primarily of self-image, which relies on locating flaws within their physicality, social status and monetary growth. When this happens, we already see the attention divert from their strengths and into fabricated accomplishments. Those supposed fulfilments are made-up because they're based on an entire societal structure existing purely from the collective imagination of members of that society and implemented with everyday language. As such, the person never gets to reach their potential. Instead, they're focused on the lives of celebrities, global brands and finding value in the material that can occupy their mind. It's saddening.

Call me naive, but I genuinely think everyone is, in some way, a genius. However, people are afraid to think for themselves, and some are just too far deluded and imprisoned by their culture.

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