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Urge to disappear

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Sometimes, I have an urge to disappear - to fragment until I'm void. It's not a depressive mood nor of any concern, rather - I believe it to be hereditary; I've inherited it from the universe for I think that's precisely a part of what it's doing. Because by becoming nothing, or breaking off into little bits, I can become whole again. These words here, their fragments of me, spilt from the realm of the mind and into a visual form through binary code for a textual appearance. But if I did not do this or occasionally feel the desire to disappear, and act upon it in such an insightful manner, then my experience of existence would be incomplete. I could never be whole. Therefore, if you're ever at this state of mind, don't fight it or think of it to be negative. Let yourself dissolve through forms of art to flourish and grow.

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