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We have to stop lying to one another

We have to stop lying to one another; seriously, just stop. We're all human; we all know each other's secrets - the whole anatomy and psychological intricacy - so there's nothing to hide. We may differ slightly, gender, sexuality, history, but ultimately, we're the same bizarre, beautifully hideous creatures of Earth. So I have zero interest in playing the social game of fabricating a character and story that has me opposing you. It's such a tasteless reality. There's no fun or real engagement involved. It's so phoney, so immature to go around showcasing our ego's, masquerading as anything but a human, putting forth a front that separates even ourselves from ourselves that we end up confused and destructive.

This whole ordeal of ripping each other apart symbolises how much we unconsciously cannot withstand this narrative that's been going on for far too long. We claw at each other because deep within, we want out; we want to liberate the frightened animal raging throughout our mind and return to the wild. We can feel that when we're not drugged by all the trash sold to us - when we're not high on Netflix, social media, processed foods, news, and everything else jammed down our throats. We feel it when we lie under the stars, in silence, reminded of how there's more to life than this lie we're living.

See, I don't believe we fundamentally live in a society at all, for there are no humans around. Generally speaking, we don't have meaningful connections and conversations. We're disconnected soulfully, malnourished from authentic substances and jacked up on linguistic nonsense. And it's mentally taxing because we're already pressured enough from our unusual predicament of being this conscious in a mystery that debilitating our mental health with an elaborate social hoax is too much; it's too much.

Look, I bleed, cry, and feel pain, sorrow, embarrassment, anger, jealousy. I have no idea where I'm going, where I'm at, how long I'll be here and if I'll make it. So I'm coming on to you not as Travis, not as this structure of words and labels held by some illusory status; I'm meeting you as another human; another vibrational form of energy materialised with the same complexity of ingredients as yourself. And with all my heart, I welcome you as you naturally are.

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