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We need to sit with ourselves more often

We need to sit with ourselves more often, for avoiding our humanness disconnects us from each other. If you're ever with me, know I welcome you entirely. I don't expect anything of you - so realise you don't have to pretend to be someone. You can share with me anything you like; even reveal your inner demons for hell is not foreign to me. I'm not frightened by what makes you real because I've confronted my ugliness. I bled from many broken mirrors and met the watcher behind. ⁣All I ask for within such a connection is integrity, presence, truth, for there's no need to lie about what and who we are as we're far from perfect.

I'm not in the business of misinterpreting someone by superficial means. I don't care how you appear; your wealth, race, sexuality and whatever else your human happening has going is unjudged because I'm not a believer in normality. Everyone has this image of perfection, but not everyone considers that ideal is constructed within the mind of an organism biologically made of innumerable mistakes. Until we meet ourselves without words as we feel less tense about trying to define our identity, we're going to continue disliking each other because the very root of our conflict is from denying that we are human, and that repudiates everyone.⁣ ⁣

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