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We're strangers to ourselves; that's the tragedy

We're strangers to ourselves; that's the tragedy. The youth befall to this misconception of their identity often, as they ruthlessly contour both their bodies and minds to resemble some reputable appearance relative to mainstream culture; while modern education tears through their creative potential. Their lexicon suffers, slang is their primary expression, their consciousness becomes restricted - their reality limited. I've said this before, and I struggle to find an opposing viewpoint that dismisses this thought as foolish, but everyone is gifted and intelligent, we just pretend not to be. We give ourselves over to some model of behaviour as a means to source meaning and truth in dull environments and people. Consider those who sacrifice their sexuality to meet the dominant image circulating culture, as they forfeit their love and energy to maintain a dead relationship because of the outside judgement. It's a cruel thing to do to yourself, to be someone and somewhere you don't want to be, yet believe you must because it's normal. ⁣ ⁣

As a thought to play with, think about our size in the universe and the odds of returning here; implying that this may be the only human experience you'll ever undergo in this bizarre realm, therefore - make it count. However, not by attempting to mislead yourself into becoming something more than what you are, but the contrary, to understand who you are, which is everything you decide to be when no one, including your ego, is looking.

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