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What is real?⁣⁣

What is real? Whatever you want to believe; it'll be as real as you are. But by this question, what we really mean is assimilating what's genuinely there as an independent source originating from a substance that's undeniably legitimate in every sense of the word. Something tangible, self-sustaining, unaffected by the perception or awareness of another. Some would argue they are real. Though, when you consider not only are we more space than anything else, that our physicality isn't even that physical at all, and psychologically our identity is dependent on the web of linguistics, which implies its origin is fabricated - I'm not too sure about how real we really are. And if we're not, then how can we define what is? The only difference between this world and when I'm dreaming is that I'm consciously here right now.

See, I cannot remember my dream just as when I'm dreaming - I cannot remember this world. And as soon as I consciously remember, I'm pulled back here, like when I become unconscious, I enter a dream.

What is real is nothing. Nothingness is self-sustaining and unaffected by anything external. Everything else seems more like a hallucination arising from the void. But this is a significant contradiction, downright mind-bending and seemingly absurd as we're concluding that what is non-existent is real. Nevertheless, we can't answer such a question.

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