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What is something that bothers you about modern society?

The noise. And I don't just mean the environment of polluted cities, people rattling their bones, hurrying along to get to places, too loud to hear their that provokes intellectual debatevoice, what truly matters; but it's the noise of the mass. It's overbearing. If you have something to say, especially anything which provokes intellectual debate, you will be swallowed whole.

The mob - they're ugly, mindless, without care for independent thought, that part of society deters me from contributing. Right-wing, left-wing, black, white, clinging to these groups, dividing for distinction - it's all shouting for a sense of reassurance in one's existence because to be nothing frightens modern society. They fear to be silent. For in silence, there is no mob, no group thinking or identity to claim. It's you and only you; a horrible predicament for the average person yet precisely what is necessary if we are to get anywhere worthwhile.

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