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You're irrelevant

Although being a singular event, you're irrelevant, existing without fundamental meaning, purpose or reason - you will amount to nothing; nothing. You could disappear, vanish, die - and life will carry on as though you were never here. All that you have done and all that you'll ever accomplish won't mean anything to this universe. Your lovers will perish, your treasures will be worthless; your days of happiness will end along with the days of misery and heartache. But to me, this is brilliant. I mean, how incredibly empowering is that? You're unbounded, liberated, free to explore life with every ounce of your love and soul. To involve yourself in this inscrutable thing that existence is, riding the waves which will take you everywhere and yet nowhere.

So I encourage you to paradoxically travel forth and let go; to pursue your wildest dreams while letting all defeats or failures wash away with every success or victory because it's all a play of energy. There's no need to punish yourself with your mistakes or avoid life by holding on to what you value because this is all temporary.

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