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You want love, don't you?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

You want love, you want it so badly, but there's no one around. You want your body touched, your soul kissed, your heart held in the palm of another. You want your whole universe to expand with dopamine and nothing else. You want them to find you, to save you, to bring you everything and anything. You want to share the late nights, the sunrises, the brief time you have left. You want to see what happens when a human meets another human beyond this realm of ordinary interaction. You want one day of ecstasy before you die, one day of great sex, love and soulful engagements. You want to annihilate your existence within their eyes; you want to find yourself within their eyes. You want to watch the world end as you hold hands and wildly dance in your living room, listening to music while you go mad with laughter, screaming at the strangeness of life. You want to extract the mystery poetically by detailing their presence linguistically and then read it to them. You want to grow old with a lover and then fall into a black hole together, only to awake within another universe and start all over. You want all of this, don't you?

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