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Mind Extracts, abbreviated as M.E, is simply a realm of me, my ego, my world. Here, make of my psyche as you please. I will be posting daily content, extracting every last part of what I am before my soulset. If you feel inspired by anything, you're welcome to comment, share, alter, donate, scrutinise, love or hate. At the core of what I'm doing here is detailing my humanness while I can through raw, honest thoughts, art and poetry.


Some of your days will overflow with turmoil, influencing anxiety and occasionally depression - that's inevitable. We all undergo such periods, though not all of us always persevere and overcome them. There were moments I didn't believe I could; many occasions which should have ended everything I am. But throughout them all, I heard a voice, even though that's probably not the best word. I didn't hear any sound generated by acoustic waves through vibrations; I felt it - but it was more of voice than a feeling which spoke to me through an indescribable love. It was like a thought originating directly from the overmind of love and travelling throughout my whole body with a message - a message informing me I am worthy and a part of the extraordinary; I am extraordinary.

2020-04-20 19.58.35 2291404424442388189_4479110075.jpg
2020-03-19 21.26.53 2268225846477520199_4479110075.jpg

I'm thankful for my body; I'm grateful for this force of matter. Although it can be painful, it's an experience, an adventure to materialise within this earthly domain. It amazes me how I've grown, how I've physical come to be. I look at my hand and think, wow, I've developed this, I've captured my energy in such a way that I'm now tangible, and I did this so effortlessly. It puts into perspective how irrational and ludicrous I am to ever dislike my appearance. I mean, who do I think I am to negatively critique such a phenomenon?

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