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Greetings, I appear before you through symbols though my presence is authentic. Like yourself, I'm alive. I'm what seems to be a temporary materialised wave of the great energy behind this cosmic endeavour, vibrating and hallucinating a dream-like world. I write that while scrunching my face because it's hard to make sense of anything.

If you're still reading this, whatever, wherever, whenever you are, I hope this experience isn't too painful for you. Sometimes I find it challenging and want out of here; a part of me doesn't correlate well with my nature. It's repeatedly banging against my three-dimensional conditions. Known as the mind, it hosts a matrix from which ego persists. For example, I write this while my remarkable physical self motions many bizarre activities such as cellular operations and neurological transmissions. The predicament is conflicting. I dream of flying, but I can't. I imagine dancing with her, yet feel no one. I can, however, alter the primary channel of consciousness to bodily experience, usually through meditative practices for relief, but I'm fascinated by attempting to intellectualise my entirety, so I often hang out in the domain of mind to philosophise through ego. There's also soul or spirit, but no explanation is best to explain that part of my being.

I share this world with other humans too - creatures biologically formed like myself. I presume you're one, but who knows how far or where these words will travel and what can translate them.

In my time, civilisation, society, culture - the general feeling is a lack of connection. Not just between what I mentioned earlier of mind and body, but self and other, time and moment, space and nature. We have these funny, trivial concepts such as race and nationality, and people take them so seriously. They even become violent and wage war, but I believe they're afraid. Everyone's on edge, though that's understandable when before us is a fall.

I'm of a mortal plane; everything here dies. Even celestial bodies such as my home star will inevitably end. As much as death is necessary for life, it contradicts us, almost jokingly. I find it to be that as well, humorous, and being in on the joke is a lot better than having it go right over your head. So I choose to see myself as a gag, surprise; otherwise, the pain is too excruciating. I hope I can smile as I die, after the fear, the moment I let go of this realm. I may have come in screaming, but I'm heading out laughing.

I'm also trying my best to have as many days as I can where I do nothing but soak in the sunlight, dance wildly, write poetry, watch birds fly and embrace a simple life. Because when I get to the bottom of what feels most meaningful, it's the environment in which nothing is happening but humans being humans. There's nothing significant going on relative to productivity or progression; it's just my fellow kind jumping around to music and laughing at each other. However, it doesn't always go this way. There are plenty of moments where I feel hurt, though when this occurs, I try to remember it's still a moment of feeling, an indication I'm alive, here, undergoing the negative so I can know ecstasy.

Anyways, what an experience, right? So from one weird anomaly to another, may God bless you, and if God doesn't exist, may you be blessed regardless and enjoy whatever this is.

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