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Animal within

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

There's an animal within us all, and our relationship with it is significant. Some mistreat this animal through neglect or abuse, and its pain shows in their actions. Take a person who refuses to admit they're part wild and lives for the superficial, material, and status. They feed ego instead of nurturing the animal. They deny their nature - they eventually find themselves miserable. Or consider a person too wild, too unkept that their animal turns beast, violently consuming them inside out until they attack others. A human is an interplay between two contrary forces forming a unity. Partly, we have this alien intellect connected to an animal heart. And if we are unconscious of this, then we bring a world of pain to ourselves and the external. I see this often through various channels of interaction - intimacy, diet, environment - think of how violent people can be to one another and their cruelty towards other beings; it all starts with how they connect, acknowledge and treat the animal within.

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