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Be what you want to see in others, in the world

Raise your hand to meet your eyes, observe the detail, the work of energy, particles, atoms constituting your happening. And you happen so effortlessly as if to imply you're a continuation of all that has ever lived. Naturally, you beat your heart, replace dead cells, circulate blood, break down nutrients, convert vibrational waves into noise, touch into feeling, light into vision without even thinking about it. Yet, our thinking is where we find ourselves, define the self, which confines the world to a mind compelled. It's restrictive, limiting, for through this attitude, you exist as profoundly as you think, though what you think never incorporates what you entirely are because how could it? You're seemingly infinite, everything and nothing, here but nowhere, alive yet dying, the internal and external, far more than any thought could comprehend.

Look at the world before you, the movement, colour, sound; this is you, right there, happening. We're conditioned not to feel this way. We fight one another as if we're not of the same fundamental source, preferring to identify with the ‘I’ rather than life. But look, actually observe people, see right into their eyes and the universe behind which you exist. You exist within them as much as they do within you. Therefore be gentle, be kind, travel as love both within and without. Be what you want to see in others, in the world.

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