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Don't be so easily manipulated

Please, for the sake of us all, don't be so easily manipulated by mass media and government; don't disempower yourself like that. Use your intelligence, listen to their choice of words, how they attempt to script a perspective for you to download and spread as their minion. You're not stupid; they think you are - they believe you’re incapable of reading through the syntax, their egregious linguistic techniques used to exploit you, evident in their obvious attempts to influence public opinion rather than freely provide raw information. Please don't fall for it; don't mindlessly be played. And don't, above all, separate yourself from others. The power is within the people, but the moment we divide and fight one another - we're conquered.

Discourse with empathy is the way forward. Debate in a manner of wanting to learn rather than preach or argue. Seek to understand your fellow human, for that will elevate the collective consciousness and dethrone those in power who want to turn you into a mouthpiece for their shallow games.

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