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I know you haven't felt like your usual self lately

I know you haven't felt like your usual self lately; especially with the recent events of the world. I know you feel off-balance, out of place, and you can't quite understand why. It's not an entirely unfamiliar state, you've been here many times, but something is different; there's a sense of uncertainty like you're unsure what to do or where to go. It's okay to admit that frightens you; I won't pretend I can't relate to such a state. Though, because I can, I feel as if I should offer you my thoughts.

The unknown is precisely where we should be if we desire to grow as humans. It is within those periods of inner-tribulations that we unearth knowledge about ourselves, an understanding that is not of words, but of feeling, of acquiring a sense of 'spiritual' clarity through rebirth. If you wake to read this, upon a new day, you can regather yourself by paradoxically letting go of a previous you. There is no place for you to be other than this puzzling, incomprehensible moment we call now where all comes into being through forms of complexity and pure art. ⁣I think it's a matter of no longer trying so hard to control the uncontrollable, which is what we're living within. It's chaotic - and trying to straighten it out as if you could determine your path is like thinking that squinting your eyes will help you understand any better.

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