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If I could, I would go elsewhere

If I could, I would go elsewhere. If I had the means, I wouldn't linger here, spending the day losing myself to things that distract me, things that momentarily provide me with counterfeit pleasure, instant gratification to suppress my misery, although I know my unhappiness is my own doing. If I had the courage, I'd leave. Yes, now is all I have, now is all there is, though if now is not pleasant, nor has it been for some time, then hope is not now, hope is in change, and change is foreseen outside of the present. If I could, I would fly to another world, walk another realm. Perhaps somewhere with fewer people, more silent, with mountains to climb and lakes to skinny-dip. Somewhere I can speak to plants and sing with birds. Yes, somewhere I can breathe without stress, somewhere I exist outside of my head.

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