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Intimacy and love

After separating from my ex-fiancé, I considered how I'd like to go about intimacy and love. I wanted to get to the bottom of what I wish to encounter while I'm alive and just forget the judgement. Because although I admire honesty, I still feared revealing parts of myself, especially in the domain of sexual interaction. That impacted my happiness. I was choosing comfort, following social norms at the expense of my truth because what desire isn’t too common, and therefore, I settled for what is expected by society.

Since this decision to essentially follow my heart, I've never experienced such love or sexual pleasure before in my life. Truth and communication are stimulants; relationships elevate and thrive when they're involved. Consequently, once sex is at play, the activity leads to a state of ecstasy because no clothing is left on to hinder the sensations felt. People can genuinely engage with one another as well as themselves.

I believe numerous issues we face individually and collectively are related to the fact we're sexually dissatisfied or frustrated, and it's primarily due to not knowing how to communicate let alone accept or respect another person's truth; we don't know how to have sex. And the reason we don't know is due to a lack of self-worth, usually caused by unresolved trauma which feeds insecurities, leading to a desire to dominate or suppress (either way ignore) for short-term relief. I suggest, if you're interested, meet someone who will engage with you at this place I write about, where I currently am because it's beautiful.

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