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Part of the secret to it all is communication

Part of the secret to it all is communication. Love, happiness, fulfilment - its dependency weighs heavily on your integrity and openness to interact with information. It's central to the root of our issues; we sacrifice connection through vulnerability because of anxiety. We avoid transferring all that is real about us by utilising mediums such as language, love, and music because we fear judgement. Self-doubt dominates. Modern humanity is insecure, reticent, and it's unfortunate to see ourselves so unsure of what we are and where we are that we run from ourselves. We're so afraid that we hide behind shallow characters motivated by petty rewards to achieve some selfish agenda that is irrelevant to what's happening within.

We treat each other poorly because we haven't felt bothered to know each other. So it's obvious why we feel so alone. And it's no surprise many of our legalised drugs represent this unhealthy nature - they're uncommunicative and unresponsive.

TV, mass media, alcohol - these feed information but do not allow participation.⁣ ⁣Consequently, we lack intellectual stimulation as these intoxicants induce a somatic-focused reality; it's all about appearance. We find it awkward to travel the minds of others and our own.

The severity of this communication deficiency is so intense that we've muted part of our soul, restricting ways to exude or express the flame of our eternal force, such as through sex and art which are primary to the human experience. Those practices are now monotonous, repetitive, monetised and repressed. Without a willingness to communicate, especially with yourself and with those who differ in perception, we won't get anywhere.⁣

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