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Social media is not your problem

Social media is not your problem. Addictive scrolling or digesting information that makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself and your productivity is on you, not this web that connects us all. Utilise the internet for your benefit. Follow and engage with websites and apps that host a collection of brilliant minds and messages. I'm often informed by others about how they dislike themselves, and they state that it's due to their online feed. Consequently, they decide to delete all of their social media. It's a reasonable decision, however, in doing so - you're simultaneously restricting yourself from the numerous sources which could help you. I would be so ignorant, so sunken into the depths of my depression had I not discovered the work of great thinkers through the internet. What we have here is a privilege. So if you're in that position of waking up and checking your phone, seeing images or posts which make you feel half-dead and unsatisfied with your existence, then reassess your sources of information and practice self-control. ⁣

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