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Take away language, and tell me who you are.

You composed yourself from the very constituents of this universe. You're a constant force growing the vessel you are today while simultaneously developing everything, including the planetary bodies of this cosmos. There is a part of you that presumably came into development over a hundred thousand years ago known as the modern cognition. With it, you created another you; though it's a self much less involved with the collective happening as it's an identity invented by a collection and arrangement of symbols. Reality, which is what we hallucinate as organisms comprised of drugs, is coded through these symbols. Language sculpts your human experience. Today, you will look out into the world and believe yourself to be something separate from the external as your cognition will run scripts to decode your surroundings, validating this ego as real. However, with a simple test, you can see through this by silencing the thinker. In such a practice, you have no name, nor does anything around you; what you acknowledge is the eternal force I noted earlier which beats your heart, reproduces your cells, converts light into vision and soundwaves into noise. What you do to others you do to yourself; be it plant, insect, animal or human. This is my opinion, these are just my thoughts, but unlike any other understanding, belief or theory I know of - it's proven in its undoing. Take away language, and tell me who you are.

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