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The mind cannot bear existence

The mind cannot bear existence; it's self-destructive. In almost every human act lingers this truth. Far behind our choices of what we distract ourselves with is a feeling of suffocation from the physical. The enormity of our mental space far exceeds the maturity of the body. Consequently, there's a desire to cut ourselves free; I'm sure you've felt this. It’s an intolerable weight that causes discomfort to bubble beneath your skin, while you clench each side of your head as if you can seize that vastness existing within you.⁣ ⁣ It's painful, and how you respond to this determines your eventual demise. In my opinion, there are only two options; meditate to calm the mind and become in tune with your senses, or continue to distract yourself with any possible drug available. This can be any hallucinogen or stimulant; love, desire, purpose, ego, money - something that can take you away from the pressure of what is essentially an entire universe growing inside your mind.

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