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The threat of stopping a revolution does not solely rest in the opposition

The threat of stopping a revolution does not solely rest in the opposition; it lies within those who are desperate to seek any opportunity to press an underlying agenda by taking advantage of a vital movement that indirectly contradicts the necessary change. Consider black lives matter. The test here, you see, with dismantling a 'white' system which oppresses 'non-whites' is not to separate ourselves further by feeding this fallacy that who we each are is a race, but by tearing down the linguistic structures which confine us to a perspective that distorts the human appearance. Otherwise, we're running in circles. There's no real change to be met. If you inflate your ego and delude yourself into associating your surreal happening with that of a title; you're playing yourself. ⁣

It is also dangerous and unhealthy to avoid investing your intellect into this matter, yet describe yourself as a supporter of the movement; because how do you know what you're supporting if you're refusing to question and thoughtfully contribute? ⁣I am for black lives matter, as in, ending this system that dominates anyone who doesn't fit the genetic and cultural criteria; for they can be subjected to a tremendous disadvantage and occasionally mistreated by foolish people. The evidence of that is everywhere. However, I am not for small-minded thinking infecting the brains of the youth which directs them away from considering the mystery of their being and the enormity of space by replacing this curiosity with the shallow words of men. Words that tell them who and what they are is defined by the colour of their skin. It's an us vs them mentality; the feeding of ego.

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