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Thinker thinks thoughts and becomes a thought of the thinker

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

That which thinks depends on thoughts to be thinking, and in that sense, we think of ourselves into being. If I asked you who's thinking, I assume you'd reply "me." However, that 'me' is a product of the very thoughts it believes itself to be thinking. This is rather interesting because if the thinker is a matter of thought, then it impugns who we indeed are - or at least who we think we are, and amplifies the importance of what you think of yourself.

Have you ever questioned where your thoughts begin? Do they purely originate from somewhere behind the mind, perhaps after brewing in a concoction of emotions before emerging in linguistic form, relying on the depth of our language to express what we feel? Or are they strictly associated with echoes, imitations, repeating what we've heard from one another as a means to make sense of ourselves? It's an important question to consider because it's the foundation of everything you've linguistically defined yourself to be, which, depending on what you discover, it may very well be what they've informed you to be. What if we momentarily dismissed thinking altogether? And instead of trying to search for ourselves in symbols, sounds and images, we instead explored the void? It's counterintuitive because it's difficult to fathom, as we are essentially overthrowing the dominant source that attempts to comprehend. But if we surrender to the unspeakable, which may be where pure thoughts and the true self rests, then we have to consider that nothingness is the basis of everything. It's an absurd statement, for something has to come from something. Though, before your father and mother got busy, long before they even met or were born, where were you? I would say nowhere - you were nothing. This idea falsifies many religions and Gods, for creation is seen as a reaction to nothingness. We realised that with physics. Physicists got to the bottom of everything, only to see nothing staring back. I mean, look into the night sky and see that in between stars is an enormous area of emptiness.

Play with this thought, enjoy your morning or night - wherever you are.

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