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Well, here you are

Well, here you are, reading this; weird, no? It's all led to this quiet moment of rendering the mind of another through text. The existence and expansion of the universe, which is directly related to the evolution of your consciousness, has you here. Right now, this is where it's all at - for you. Although, it gets weirder, for where you are is within your mind, though your mind can't be found anywhere other than out there, within your art, relationships, style, speech and essentially everything. I mean, right now, I'm inside your mind. Therefore, we find ourselves inside out - outside in, like a dream. Physically, however, you're somewhere on this planet - somewhere in a public place, in the company of another, or alone, vibing by yourself. Yet that's unusual too because physicality is an illusion. You're more so space, nothingness, vibrating as energy to appear in the form of matter. And this whole planet, along with the stars and the entire galaxy is fundamentally a swirling mess of nothingness. There is, of course, something; you can beat your chest and plant your feet on the solid ground, you can say, "I'm here, look!" But as I look, the light you naturally emit for my eyes to register is discerned by my mind, my consciousness, my awareness, and it's there that you exist. You're a matter of my consciousness, as I am to you. I think life is too strange to get caught up in it all. The appropriate response seems to be a slight smile - no other answer is as sane.

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