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What has spirituality taught you?⁣

"What has spirituality taught you?⁣ "

"Nothing like what science and philosophy have taught me. Spirituality concerns the practices I've implemented regarding the unspeakable. I don't like spiritual talk; it's too challenging to navigate the flowery language. Often, you don't know what you're being sold by people who don't know what they're preaching. If you're someone who's read my work, you would know I'm incredibly uneducated (ego-wise) in the field of spirituality. I source my insight directly from my soul. That is not to mislead you; I'm open-minded because I'm aware of my stupidity, but each of us grows here knowing everything there is to understand about spirituality. It's a matter of remembrance. You know what this is all about, even if it takes you a while at first, you'll see yourself in another being. You know very well you're going to be okay too because there's nothing to lose. Your soul is all around you. This body is like clothing. All of us are dressed with matter, appearing to be these distinct shapes and colours, but it's not too challenging to see through this and remember."⁣

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