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Where to begin?

Where to begin? Is there a beginning? What is now is all there is and ever will be. Nothing ever started - not that I'm aware of anyhow. To think of a beginning is a misconception. This written piece does not occur with the first word, and it doesn't end with the last - it's forever happening - and it will succeed form of text as it will enter the reader's mind, become their thoughts, impact their life and perhaps return to text through their words. Is this the case for you as a sentient being?

When did you begin? A specific date? The moment you were conceived? Or when your parents first laid eyes on one another? Interestingly, the one who will answer that is the least you than anything in this known universe. I am, of course, referring to the I, the ego, the character that self-identifies through a shared network of symbols to establish a deceptive appearance by hosting 'truths' that determine reality. As an operating system is to a computer, the ego is to mind; both contribute to displaying the external through internal processes, like binary code and English. But it has nothing to do with the real you or your supposed beginning.

Death is no more of a conclusion than the previous full stop. It's nothing to fear. Life is to die repeatedly. Anatomically, particularly regarding your cells, there is an immense amount of death occurring. It's necessary. However, there's no start or end to it, only a transition, a flip of a coin, a continuous rotation of either side. Think of that as well with your failures or losses. You will succeed soon, either in this life or the next. Other than that, I don't know where else to lead this, but I know these thoughts exist within you, and you will continue them in some manner.

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