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Why bother? Why do anything if everything you do ultimately means nothing?

It's kind of funny that your life has no real impact. It may play a part in the butterfly effect, influencing events greater than your happening but really, it doesn't mean anything. Aside from the perspective of your family and some friends, when you die, it'll be as if you were never here. Even if you're well known or continuously achieve remarkable feats, it doesn't matter; this whole planet is going up in flames - all of it - it'll just be vacant space.

Think about all that has come and gone - billions of people, animals, plants - what was the point of their existence? Although they laid the platform for us, and therefore, their deaths led to our lives, they fundamentally amounted to nothing. Yes, perhaps we're too ignorant to realise our significance, but it doesn't look promising from what we can see. Therefore, be it individually or collectively, our lives are seemingly meaningless; unless we redefine what we mean by meaning.

I think we're cultured to identify significance through productivity and progression. If these are missing, we believe whatever we're doing to be void of importance. If one entertains philosophical thought, they realise productivity and progression is pointless considering death. That can demotivate someone, especially artists. However, I'd like to provide an alternative understanding of discerning meaning, which is to base it on play.

Consider love, for I find it rich with meaning. When I love someone, I don't expect it to be productive; I don't think it is progressive either. Love, to me, is playful - that's what it means. It doesn't matter what it becomes or the fact it'll end; the purpose is in the joy of intimately grooving with someone. It's a dance, and like dancing, you don't work your way to the end of the song - you let yourself go and have fun while the music is felt.

I think this is our privilege as humans. We have this secret little paradise out here in space - it's almost like a getaway from all the chaos occurring throughout the cosmos - and we're here to engage in a vibrating play of energy. But most of us are finding purpose in productivity and progression, though that can lead to depression if you think deeply on the matter, for you realise such a situation is a joke, a con.

So, therefore, value meaning in play, and the meaning of play is to involve oneself in mystery.

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